C Format Specifiers

C Format Specifiers are used to display information of c predefined and user defined data type.they are display standard output in c programming.

Format Specifiers

here given list of all format specifiers.

Specifiers Overview
%c for single character
%d For integer variable. use to both signed and unsigned
%f for floating point variable
%lf , %E for double variable
%s for display strings
%i for signed integer
%p for display address of variables
%Lf for long double
%x , %X for Hexadecimal representation
%o for octal representation
%hi for short int (Signed integer)
%hu for unsigned short int
%li , %ld for long int (Signed integer)
%lld, %lld for long long int (Signed integer)
%llu for unsigned long long int

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